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We look forward to welcoming you to our 10.30am Service on  Sunday.  If you can't join us you can stream live or catch up on a service by visiting our YouTube page.

A Message from our Minister - Rev Gill Daniel

Today I took my granddaughter to the playpark

The park is always a hit! However, after spinning her on the

roundabout she got off and started spinning me instead!

Round and round I went, reclining, head back, looking up at

the fluffy white clouds and the azure sky, relaxing into the

unexpected pleasure of motion.

It’s surprising how much welly under-fives can give!

But soon the roundabout went faster and faster, my eyes couldn’t keep up with the motion, gravity played havoc with my jelly-head, my head fell out with my eyes, and my body sank into disorientation and giddiness!    

Eventually I got off, trying hard to stand upright, only to hear the words: ‘Nanny get back on! I want to push you!’ Oh! the authority of a child!

I climbed on again, until my head was spinning, my stomach was somersaulting, my hair was flying, and the world turned into a blur.    I couldn’t make head nor tail of anything until I eventually crawled off!

Rescue me, this whirlpool is sucking me down. Ps 69:14

Even good things can spiral out of control, a promising new job, a dream promotion, a new relationship, a good government, or new hobby. Momentum builds, and we unexpectedly become disoriented and giddy.

Is your life in a whirl? Your head spinning and you cannot make sense of things? Jesus even sent crowds away, to recharge, process things and pray. Is it time for you to get off the treadmill? Time to recalibrate and pray?

With Love,      Rev Gill x  

After Jesus sent them away, he went up on the mountain by Himself to pray Mt 14:23

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